2 Oct

london 8.05pm 17.9C dry tuesday 2018

its langer week, which is the sikh giving of free food as a practise of charity. they do it every day it seems in their temple, all year round, but this week is to let the world know of it. so a group of sikhs has hired a church in the city to give a vegetarian meal to everyone. which consists of a bean curry , 2 naan bread+/rice, salad, lassi dessert and a fruit (banana for me) and we have to take off our shoes, and wear a head scarf, even the men. you are supposed to wash your hands, because the food is eaten with the bare hands. which is great as it means we dont need to use disposable cutlery. though they did provide a spoon.  but there was no facillity for washing our hands. it is surprisingly filling. so that even though i can see some returning to get a second helping, i was too full. 

they are hoping to attract the office workers that abound in that area. it was near liverpool st station.

on the way back to the station to get the tube , i saw a homeless man on the pavement begging. one passerby office worker put something in his dish.  i wonder if he knows of this free food. or whether he is interested in eating it. i have a feeling that for these homeless people ,  it is money they want,not food.

i think it is because they get food given to them quite often, with the daily hand outs of free left -over food from the chain shops like pret, etc. so money is more difficult to come by.

actually when u consider that a bowl of porridge which is so cheap can be made with a microwave, and that will fill you up really well, no body need starve in this united kingdom. i eat porridge for my breakfast everyday, and it makes me so full, that sometimes i dont think of eating again till 4pm. hunger is not a big concern in this society of ours. no one starves. yet, porridge is not a favourite breakfast amongst most people. it is more like they dont like to eat the same bland food and want more variety and tasty food, or junk food. 

when you are not starving you would like food to be tasty if u are going to eat it.  you can afford to be more picky.

the uk is a very tame, safe country to be in. we dont have tsunamis, unlike the big news now in palu and sulawesi (used to be celebes) island. 

2 Responses to “charity”

  1. Garfield Hug Wednesday October 3, 2018 at 1:42 pm #

    The Sulawesi Earthquake and tsunami that followed killed more than 2,000 and counting. Really sad.

  2. Sarah M Wednesday October 3, 2018 at 3:59 pm #

    Yes a lot of people give food to homeless people rather than money; they are afraid money will just go on drugs or drink. But you are right that there are plenty of charities giving out leftover foods so giving food isn’t always so useful.

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