fact and fiction

15 Oct

london 8.27pm 13.9C dry monday 2018

i got an email from my electricity supplier saying my fixed contract will be expiring on 1 dec 2018 and that i am free to look around for another supplier otherwise when the contract ends they will put me on the variable rate, and that according to them means £100 hike in the annual cost. even their fixed contract is not good. i was hoping that they will give me a reasonable rate but it does not seem to work that way. they prefer i go off and get another supplier instead of trying to retain me. it seems that is how they all work, trying to poach new customers whilst letting their own customers go off. like a merry go round. 

well i have been looking at other suppliers, but the cheapest is still £36 more expensive than what i am paying now for a year. and that supplier is a unknown, a relative new comer. it looks like the costs will go up, no more cheap electricity anymore. for all i know, even that more expensive tariff might be withdrawn.

all i can say is that i am glad i dont use much electricity. only 1275kwh a year so that my annual bill is about £200… so even if it goes up, it is still quite small. and i am glad i dont have gas bill to worry about.

life is very pleasant in london. though if u read the news you would not think so. a lot of doom and gloom news. i wont bother to spell it out. no point as it would only encourage them.

i got two new books to read that are promising so far. one is the overstory, by richard powers, and philip pullman’s the book of dust.

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