normal way of spending our time

30 Oct

london 8.23pm 8.5C dry tuesday 2018

my friend ian came to visit me at about 3pm. we meet up about once a month, and usually we meet at the ageuk canteen in their headquarters building in tavistock square. but this time he suggested we meet at my place.

i bought a swiss roll from tesco for him, but he came with lots of sweet eats, marzipan, and madelaines… he asked me why i bought the swiss roll because he always buys eats when he visits me. i said i forgot. it has been quite some time since he last visited me. anyway it is a chance to eat those things he bought. but there was lots left over, so i ask him to bring them back to his place. both simon and i dont eat a lot of sweet things. as it is, my swiss roll was intact, no one ate it, so simon and i  shall have to force ourselves to finish it off over the course of the days that follow. fortunately i bought a small one, it cost only 65p instead of the one that serves 8 which cost £1. i bought gala apples6 for 80p and greens 500mg for 61p, both of which i consider better value for money and most probably i will enjoy eating them more. 

 my wordpress reader has this blog about flooding in venice. it is partof the fierce weather that italy is having. it seems venice flooding happens every year, so that is not unusual, but what is unusual this year is the water  is very high. it reaches a height of 5feet this year. and reaches thigh height from the pictures they posted. must be very damp in the houses there.

venice is a special case anyway. it is slowly sinking.

but generally i think it is very costly to maintain  man made structures no matter where it is anywhere in the world. every man -made object cost a lot to upkeep. and the cost is proportionate to the age of the object. old houses, cars, ships, anything built by man you can think of cost more to upkeep as they grow older.

i remember reading of an article mentioning that the cost to repair the old queen mary liner has just increased so much that they have run out of funds. and just look at the house of parliament renovation , that is going to cost billions…now it is all covered in scaffolding, so not a pretty sight for tourists to photograph. it is more logical to pull them down and rebuild with a modern building… but i guess no one will even think of tearing the house of parliament down.

looking at it, you would wonder why it cost so much to repair. it dont look run down, or falling apart… but maybe it is old asbestos in the walls, and that costs a lot to remove, and disturbing it requires very careful and costly precautions. though why not just leave them be. if u dont disturb them they are not a health hazard. sometimes i wonder whether all those who tender for the work may be over pricing it, because they are uncertain what horrors they might uncover when they actually start the job. 

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