presents and christmas time of year again

15 Dec

london 1.34pm 3C rain saturday 2018

the daily mail today is giving out their free 3wk tv guide.correction. it is a 2.5week one. ends on boxing day. correction again 17.12.18. it is actually only 1.5week coverage. i dont know why they advertise it is a 3wk tv guide. though on the magazine itself , it did not say it, just saying it is a bumper festive special.  i managed to get one. though this year it is not so crucial to get it, because christmas is on a weekday and so their weekend papers will still be published and you can get that week’s program every weekend.

unlike those years when christmas falls on a weekend and so no one will be working on those days and no papers will be published. i confess the latter i am not sure … i forgot what actually happened when christmas falls on a weekend. do newspapers close down for anything? perhaps in uk they do, because there is no transport on christmas day itself so there is no way any papers can be distributed on that day.

but actually lots of people buy the tv guide magazines that publish the weekly tv programs every week. they exist just to publish the tv programs. can you imagine such a thing, lotsof people must be buying them, because there are so many such magazines on sale.  i sometimes look at the rack and rack of these tv magazines on sale and often wonder who are these people who buy them. there must be a lot of them for so many of these magazines  to continue in business.

yet everyday the newspapers have tv programs for that day listed as well. so why buy extra magazines. mind you, the newspapers listings dont include sky, netflix, and other paid for channels. so if u are into them , you will have to buy a magazine. my friend john uses them to plan which ones he wants to record so he can see them later. he must find time to see them, i wonder how he does it, because there are so many of them to see. 

there are a lot of christmassy programs on now. they all seem to shout out the message that it is a time for toys and presents… lots of it. all supposedly free given by some old man in the north pole. you can see how much pressure it puts on parents who dont believe in this emphasis on  giving presents to their children to resist the demands from their kids. what is galling to me, if i were the parent is that even after spending all that money on the presents, the kids wont know it is from me, and i have to tell them it is all from  some unknown stranger called santa claus living in the north pole . i am just glad i am not a parent. haha. 

here is an article talking about how people grapple with the ‘there is no santa ‘question. of course all these bother is brought on by ourselves. if we chose to lie to our children in the hope that it will make their childhood happier… than we shall have to deal with the consequences. i am glad my parents never did get into all that western ideas of a santa claus giving out  presents.

One Response to “presents and christmas time of year again”

  1. anexactinglife Sunday December 30, 2018 at 11:24 am #

    Thanks for the link to the Santa article. I didn’t teach my child to believe in Santa and I have no regrets!

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