free breakfast

12 Apr

london victoria library 10.54am 9C sunny friday 2019

i have been to the free breakfast tortilla cafe free offer in victoria and had a enormous breakfast burrito, and a free hot coffee. so filling, and it is very convenient and easy to eat. though another diner sitting in the next table told me it was messy to eat. when i asked why, he said the bottom of his package leaked.

but i got their everything included burrito, because when she said with everything? i said yes, and it did not leak even though it was full to bursting when she packed it in the silver foil. the thing is dont unravel the whole thing, but peel it off at one end and nibble it from the top down.

i went at about 9am, wondering if it has allready all sold out, but they dont have a quota, just saying that it will end at 11am. they fill it up and prepare it fresh for you. after i finished i met steve and his wife in the main concourse, they were heading for it on the mezzanine floor of the food hall. its very good value , i mean it is free, but it is so much of it. normally it costs £3.50. and free hot coffee too.

after that meal i think i will not want to eat again till dinner. just as well this free offer  is once a week, on fridays all april, because i wont want to eat another breakfast like this everyday.

then i was going to the bus stop for the bus to the library and passed some guys giving away free nestle nitrogen infused cold coffee in a can. it is milk under pressure with nitrogen, with coffee; the kind of things they come up with these days. it tasted like chocolate, actually which i like. but i think i could taste the suger and the milk. and that tastes similar to a chocolate drink. i got two and am drinking the other one now in the library. and it is very nice, very thirst quenching. but as usual with these things, lots of suger in it. but i can accept that because i know if not for the suger it will not taste as nice, as it will be too bitter. 


added 1.58pm cloudy 11C . home. i took the photos of the nestle drink in the library, but could only download it to the blog because i have the lead at home. in the meantime i got the bus to russell square, where halo was giving away free icecream. i got a lollipop like icecream on a stick. on the way back i got caught in a demo in parliament square, my bus 88 have to divert over the river to avoid parliament square. in the library i managed to borrow another two books, sally urwin, a farmer’s diary, and mohammed hanif , birds. it will keep me occupied whilst the library is closed over 4days in the easter weekend holidays.

there is not much for me over the holidays. the tourists will like the enactment of the crucifixion played out in trafalgar square every year on good friday, but it is not something i like . i do not know if it is a real hammer in the nail in the hand stuff , like they do in the philippines, where it is all too real. somehow i dont think it is real this one in london. but even so i dont  like to see torture scenes even if it is make belief. 

2 Responses to “free breakfast”

  1. Garfield Hug Friday April 12, 2019 at 12:51 pm #

    Lucky you getting great deals! No such offers her in lil red dot!

  2. alifesgayventure Friday April 12, 2019 at 2:15 pm #

    ya, i have noticed too, no such freebies in malaysia, too. sometimes i wonder how they are able to sell off everything in the store before the sell by date. unless they dont and instead they throw it away, quietly rather than reduce the price. and dont let anyone know they do so.

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