17 Apr

london 8.05pm 16C wednesday 2019

the climate activist is now targetting the tube, they glued themselves to the dlr (docklands light railway )line, that line runs from stratford to canary wharf area in east london. they were still blocking  the central traffic spots like oxford st, parliament square, waterloo bridge. so buses are disrupted.

the 88 is completely not running through the centre. with the northern bit running to trafalgar square, the southern bit ending in vauxhall. so it missed my section …that runs by my flat. instead i use the 87, which ends at lambeth bridge, and i get off at the tate britain stop. the c10 continue to run as usual.

the other thing that catch my attention is the free whopper given by burgerking today. unfortunately you need a smartphone to download their app, where they give u the code so that u can go to the store to get the whopper. i dont have a smartphone so that leaves me out.

and it seems today they are not serving any other hamburger. at first when i read it in the advert in the metro, i thought they will upgrade your order whilst allowing you to pay the lower price, but no, it does not work like that. i think it is a mistake , they wont bring in customers if they force everyone to order the more expensive whopper. MacD have vouchers where u can get their big mac for £2 plus free fries too. and it doesnot exclude us who dont have smartphones. so there!! the vouchers are in the metro free newspaper, so everyone can get it. 

and not all branches of burgerking do this. the one in victoria station, in fact there are two branches in the concourse, both dont do this, and so they are selling their usual menu. quite expensive prices i noticed, when i had a look at their prices when i pass through victoria. it is about £9, (no whoppers sold by them, which usually cost £4 or so. maybe those prices are for meals on the display board include drinks and fries. i did not really look at the small print menu, if there are any on display.

so their prices are as much as the posh hamburger places like 5 guys, or primeburgers etc. (and even so,those posh burger joints are struggling and are offering members of their newsletters discounts of  40%).  its no wonder burgerking outlets have reduced drastically.  i was surprised when i ask their website for the store locator for their branches, and found so few branches.

there are a lot of food tv programs on tv, now. that is why i am always thinking of food. haha. i am looking at supermarket secrets, a tv program going on now. talking of food on demand, microwaveable foods. and quinoa. (pronounced keen wa)i have not eaten it nor intend to do so. haha. i think it is a gimmick. they interviewed one farmer growing it in the uk. they are selling it in a pouch, so it is allready cooked and flavoured and you just need to microwave it. it might catch on, rather than cook it in the normal way for 15mins like porridge. but it will cost you. 

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