22 May

london 8.48am 14C sunny wednesday 2019

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this happened yesterday. it was 2000 free chicken wings given by le bun in a pub seabright pub, in hackney. i went very early as i have never been this area of london before. i got off at bethnal green and took the bus and then walked some more before finding a little passage that led off the main street that took me to this pub, hidden away behind the shop houses. 

and saw a chinese guy sitting nearby, and i joined him asking if he was waiting for it. he was. and he gave me his password to his phone wifi. i thought he lived nearby and was using his home wifi, it was only later whilst we were sitting at the benches set up outside the pub to wait for it to open; that he said it was actually from his phone and i was using his phone data. that means he is paying for it. very generous of him to share it with me. but when i realised that, i quickly closed my chromebook as i dont want to cost him money. i am not that addicted to using my chromebook.

there were not many in the queue when we went in finally. it is a old style traditional pub, with hand pulled beer, but there was a bin, lined with a black bin liner nearby filled with cans of lager, and had Vice on it, and the  brand ‘old salt lager’, or something like it. i did not pay much attention to the name. i saw this brand on a  hand pulled lever amongst all the other brands on display in the row of handpulled beers on the counter. so it must have a draught version ( i am not a good media influencer telling everyone about these brands when i cant even get the name right. so sorry if they are the  sponsor of this freebie, seeing the lager was given out so generously to everyone who wants it. they were very generous with it, with many people just helping themselves to the lager cans. even i took one and drank it, even though i dont like lager. it has a bitter after taste, which is normal for lager , or beer, i suppose. it is strange that i normally like bitter foods but i dont seem to like it in a lager.

the food was generous too. they gave us platters of fried chicken wings coated in a crispy batter, and covered with hot sauce, but it was very salty.

one of the malaysian women regulars who come to these freebies and who passed the chinese guy and me sitting nearby in a doorway and recognised me, and so that was how we met; and so we sat together. and were served together. and she mentioned to the server, a very cheerful black guy who was very friendly and gave us lots of servings of platters of chicken, about it being too salty and when he said there will be more chicken wings to come, she ask that he gives us less salt and put the sauce separately. it was much nicer without the sauce smothering the chicken and the batter was real nice , at least to me, as it was so crispy. i enjoyed eating that. 

though i noticed that later when my friends’ friend joined us later, (she too was a malaysian woman, she said she got lost finding the place, that was why she was so late), i saw her removing the batter from the chicken. but i know that the chicken wings have so little meat on them that the batter was necessary to bulk them out, otherwise they would not look like much on the plate.

they were really generous by letting us eat as much as we like. and they were serving newcomers too with the chicken.

later when i left and turned the corner, i saw outside were benches filled with people eating chicken. so no wonder the inside of the pub was relatively empty… the chicken eaters were all outside , so leaving the inside more room to accommodate the customers who were buying drinks from the pub, and ordering the hamburgers that they have to pay for.

i saw the malaysian man who let me use his router , ordering a hamburger and drinks. he was sitting on another table. earlier we found out he is from kl, lives about 20mins from here. but did not find out what he does here or anything else. 

and another guy sitting next to us was ordering hamburgers too. when we were going on about the free lager, he pointed to his budweiser and said he got that free too. i noticed a motorcycle helmet next to him, so i said you are driving… thinkng he was drinking and driving… 

i said to my malaysian woman friend, that he too have free beer, and it is a budweiser, and that was when she said it is a alcohol free beer. and that some pubs give it free to people who dont want to drink and drive. hmm, i did not know that…i think i would have liked it. who knows. haha.

whilst writing all the above i forgot i got my porridge heating in the microwave (it takes 4minutes or rather 4 marks on the dial. not sure if that is 4mins maybe not; that is why i sometimes forget i have it on)and now when i go back to it , it has gone cold and become a solid mass…and i need to add more water to it and reheat it. but porridge is still quite ok to eat when u abuse it like this. haha. 

4 Responses to “”

  1. Garfield Hug Wednesday May 22, 2019 at 3:25 pm #

    A great chicken wing feast! I guess they out alot of salt as locals like it with the bitter lager and it enhances the taste. Asians like lesser salt

    • alifesgayventure Wednesday May 22, 2019 at 6:05 pm #

      this time it is not only me who think it is very salty. my two companions, both malaysian chinese women said so too. and one of them was not shy to say so to the server too. i would not do it, seeing it is free food after all. but she said she wants to give them feedback to help them improve. i wonder whether others would do like she did or not.

      • Garfield Hug Thursday May 23, 2019 at 1:22 pm #

        I don’t suppose Brits would but Asians, am sure they will.

  2. alifesgayventure Thursday May 23, 2019 at 2:26 pm #

    i was going to say maybe the younger generation of asians will voice it, until i realised that those two malaysian women i was with; one was about 50s, the other over 60. haha.
    maybe living in uk we have taken to being more vocal. if we were in malaysia, or singapore, i remember living in malaysia i grew up being careful what we say, as it might offend people. the overriding concern is not to offend people with our opinions what with so many different races and religions for any amount of people to get offended. i wonder would any cook in singapore or malaysia be offended if any of the guests complain the food is too salty?

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