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30 Sep

london 12.12pm 17C cloudy monday 2019

i was earlier, around 8.30-9.30am in victoria station, and was able to see what the rush hour crowd is like. a very long queue 3-4 people deep,stretching out of the tube station and into the rail station itself. so many commuters coming in by railway, and heading straight for the tube to continue their journey to their offices or place of work. many might be shop assistants, as i read somewhere they are the largest numbers of workers in london , about 1million of them. next i suppose must be office workers.

there was an announcement over the tannoy that the gatwick train is not running, due to a tree on the line. i was thinking my friend who is visiting me fr usa, will be leaving tomorrow for home at around this time and if he will miss his plane … until i realise he wont be travelling via gatwick, but via heathrow and the tube lines wont have trees falling on them.added. actually he tells me that he is flying from gatwick, a direct flight to tampa. i thought it strange that he can get a direct flight, it is BA, so maybe that is why, as BA would have its home airport in london. he says tampa is getting quite international now, to be able to provide direct flights. 

the newspapers are forecasting floods and storm , either yesterday or tomorrow… or today… my weather website predicts a huge rain tonight. 20mm it seems will fall. will be interesting to see what it is like tonight. yesterday was the matsuri festival , and they were doing it in trafalgar square. lots of queues for the food stalls, selling japanese food, and a stage with drummers, and other shows. when i was there, it was someone doing an exercise class, and trying to get the audience involved.

it was raining slightly, but not enough to cancel it,because it was held on dry land;  unlike the thames river regatta. it was cancelled because of the rainwaters swelling the waters, so that the normal closure of the thames barrier cannot take place. it seems if it was able to close, it would allow a period when the waters will be very calm, with hardly any current in the river, and that would allow anyone to float on the river, with kayaks, or even floating boards and they hope then to hold the regatta, with people doing processions on the river, but all that is made impossible because of the rains, or so they say. forcing them to cancel the regatta. 

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