17 Jul

london 7.40pm bright sunny 26C friday 2020

its a hot day, may well reach 30C max, blue sky too. i went to the argos in the sainsburys building in pimlico, to ask if i can get back my 32G memory card, but it is not possible, it seems. they have returned it to kodak. ah well, that is that then. but i noticed it is not that crucial, as the small memory i have is enough to take pictures, i just need to erase the pics regularly, and that is not that difficult to do. 

went to the library after that, but i was too early, they open at 10am now instead of 9.30am. but also it was not worth it to go, when i did get in. because they dont have many books that we can borrow, and also the reading room is shut, and they dont have any newspapers. so i must remember not to bother going again. 

quite a delicious stir fry of whatever vegetables that i have lying around. and i used one of the chicken breasts from that whole chicken i bought at tescos. i thawed it out from the freezer just so i can cut it up, but i am thinking if i cut it up before i freeze it, i might be able to cook it straight out of the freezer with it frozen and omit having to wait for it to thaw.

i think we are able to see what will happen, if we all work from home, because so many businesses rely on the lunchtime trade, from office workers. they are a bunch of workers who have the money to buy their goods at the inflated prices that they can charge as a result.

i wonder if we can get back to before, where commuters start filling up the offices in the city and we get that ebb and flow of commuters coming in and out of the city during workdays. and like the wildebeest annual migration, this daily migration feeds all the businesses (predators) along the way. haha.

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