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20 Feb

london 12.30pm 15.1C cloudy saturday 2021

it was quite sunny when i set out , now it has clouded over. but it is warm. i did not really need groceries, but decided to go to the tesco near me anyway. bought another pack of their oranges79p, and a huge head of brocolli for 49p. 

a jungle of leaves in this garden . it must be grown for its flowers, but before the flowers come, its spent quite a lot of energy producing leaves.
camelia, a huge tree of it.

i grabbed a bundle of evening standard newspapers on the bus ,(they were yesterday’s papers, because the paper do not publish on weekends.) not so much for their news but because i use them to wrap my food waste. i used to do it with plastic bags, but i dont want to add to the plastics in the environment, so i have been using paper instead, and these free newspapers they give out are ideal. or rather are a good use of them . i would prefer if they are bigger size haha. like the broadsheets , but no matter. but that is what newspapers have come to, as paper to wrap rubbish in and not for their news content.


the news or rather how we get them is in the news lately, what with australia trying to get facebook to pay for linking to it. facebook retaliated by just blocking all links to news site. and in the process went a bit further and blocked others haha. of course the aussie govt was livid, but i think they were in the wrong. if this idea catches on, it would mean even ordinary bloggers linking to a news article will be charged to do so, or the link wont work until they pay. it will be the death of the internet like the founder , tim berniers-lee said.  and when the law is active in australia, than worldwide anyone linking to a aussie news site will be charged. and it wont be the person doing it but the website he belongs to… so for eg wordpress might be charged for every blog it hosts linking to a aussie news site. 

as it is the murdoch newspapers gained, so it benefited the big guns in the news business because they were able to strike a deal with google but everyone else now find traffic to their site just dropped 90%. haha. i suppose it is not funny, but it reminds us that no good intentioned deeds go unpunished.

in fact, nowadays when news is so biased, and one sided, we dont want to pay for it. so that people are deliberately refusing to go into those news site. well, maybe i am wrong, and that no one does that, except me haha. because that is what i do now. i just dont go into them… and i am talking of big guns like guardian, independant, nevermind the telegraph,the times. the latter because of their paywall as well. even the bbc news, i dont visit them much anymore.

i know it means half the news outlets i dont go to anymore. is it my loss ? i dont think so, because there are other news sites that i can use to access news. but not to mention the news even in the other sites i go to, can be so awful full of gossip about the royal family or some minor celebrity , i just skim through the lot of them.

i think most of us join news aggregate sites, that way we get to see news gathered from a lot of different sources…so far, those sites  are allowed to link to the sources, but how long will that last i wonder, if they start charging them to link to anything.

no one has a monopoly on news gathering. and that is why the actions of the govt to make the websites pay for links is not a good idea. in fact i would have thought websites are paying for the links, and isn’t  that  another way the search engines make money ? they call it advertising but to pay them to make your link top of the page is what some websites are doing now to gain some slight advantage over their competition.

everyone is lamenting about how the normal newspapers are losing money because no one is buying the physical newspaper anymore, nor paying to view its contents… since no one wants to pay for anything in the internet. they all want the internet to be free . the subscription path for revenue seems to be the way, but it is a catch 22, you charge a subscription and limit viewers to it, and you lose visitors and your position in the search engine drops making even fewer people able to find you on the internet. so even if u are a brilliant news gatherer with brilliant reports, it will not be read and no one knows about it.

added 22.2.21

this article gives some good points about it.

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  1. Garfield Hug Saturday February 20, 2021 at 1:24 pm #

    Good insights. Gong xi fa cai!

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