council tax westminster

22 Mar

london 9.14am 8C cloudy/sunny monday 2021

the removal guys have come and taken away our excess stuff from the 2nd bedroom, and whilst they were at it, i included the two easy chairs in the living room, which were picked up long ago, when we first moved in. i hardly ever used them. so it was a relief to get rid of them. its nice to get a cleared up flat.

and the council tax demand has landed on the post today too. £827.56 for 2021/22. last year it was £780.28

city of westminstesr .5% increase  409.89

adult social care precept 3% increase  54.01

greater london authority  9.5% increase  363.66

total 6.1%increase 827.56  (for a 2bedroom flat on band D)

so most of the increase is from the london mayor, sajid khan. i think if there is a candidate in the next election (in may) whose main call is to reduce the cost of the administration of his domain i would vote for him or her. 

all this is part and parcel of living in a city, or town, and most of us would pay it, for the convenience of using all the services that a city can provide. i think that is why most of us like to live in towns, cities etc, rather than in the middle of the nowhere countryside. there is a guy who goes round interviewing outriders, people who chose to live it rough in the wild. it is nice to see it, but if u ask any of us whether we want that lifestyle i know what my answer would be, no way!

added 25.3.21 thursday 11.45pm 10C

this article says other areas are being charged much more for their council tax. like £2000 a year or more.

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