27 Jun

london 9.16pm 18C rain sunday 2021

tesco is selling these pineapples for 49p each and i have been bingeing on them. they are a lovely reminder of malaysia, and the tropics.

it has been raining just now, and very like a tropical storm, heavy rain pelting down but no thunder or lightning, nor flooding, so not quite like what we get in the tropics. earlier there was a lot of noise from the overhead helicopters, which usually means there are demonstrations going on in parliament square which is near us. and sure enough when i got into metro website, i saw an article about it, people demonstrating against the shut down of night clubs. but i imagine the rain will dampen them a bit.

its all for show anyway, all this demonstrations, after all what else can the govt do except lockdown, because the only defense we got against the spread of this virus is lockdown. until they get more evidence that the vaccine is really reducing the numbers hospitalised or dead , lockdown is the only defense. but  once the under 30s get the vaccine, they can open the whole economy . 


in the meantime, we just carry on enjoying ourselves living our lives as best we can and finding joy wherever we can. because we are all free to go out and do our thing. this lockdown is not keeping us imprisoned at home. not at all. in fact, life is like normal really . at least my life is like normal and i cannot believe i am unique, so many must be like me,  as free as i am. 


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