free coffee from knots pretzal

10 Sep

london 12.25pm 19C cloudy, just rained friday 2021

i am sitting here in the victoria station concourse, near the knots pretzal drinking a free coffee and a cinnamon bun given to me by the nice barista there. when i showed her the qr code , she laughed when she saw it on my chromebook. everyone seem to laugh at that, because i guess it must be unusual , everyone else would use a smartphone. i asked what am i allowed for that free offer, she said anything , and i chosed the emmenthal and bacon pretzal, then she had to say it is not an offer for a free pretzal but for a coffee. 

she said the loyalty card that i got from a free offer was not really for a pretzal, but for a free coffee. she said everyone made the same mistake, and she said she is also going to give me a free cinnamon bun . that is very nice of her really. so i got a cappuccino and a free bun. i had a closer look at the picture they sent me with the qr code, and i saw it was a loyalty card with 3 entries stamped on it. she told me if i buy six coffees, i shall get a free one .and they apply the stamp by using a laser gun on the QR code symbol instead of giving us a paper loyalty card and stamping on it.  i suppose it applies to any sales, so i guess buying a pretzal counts. it is very nice that the free offers are coming back. 

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